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AutoGlass and tires

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AutoGlass and tires

Financing Service

Now, you can apply to new tire and autoglass financing services. It doesn’t matter if you do not have credit or have bad credit. We accept Itin!


All you need in Tires and Autoglass for your vehicle

Líder AutoGlass & Tires  is a company specialized in selling and installing new and used tires and glass, we have more than 10 years of experience and we have positioned ourselves in the market as a dependable company that guarantees its services.

In the area of new tires we offer a variety of brands and models for all types of needs and seasons. We care about carrying the best brands, which guarantee the vehicle’s performance, safety and reliability.

As for used tires, we strive to offer tires that have a good percentage of tread life and that are in optimal conditions. We inspect tires meticulously before putting them for sale.

In the glass area we strive to use top quality materials; therefore, we provide a lifetime warranty on labor and the installed glass is covered by the default warranty of the materials chosen by the customer.

windshield replacement 

AutoGlass Install

  • We install all types of Autoglass
  • We install doors glass.
  • We install rear glass.
  • We fix window elevators.
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New and Used Tires

 Llantas Tires

We Work with Almost All Brands           

  • Sale of used tires.
  • Sale of new tires.
  • Repair, rotation and roll.
  • Sale of custom wheels.
Hercules Tires

If you are looking for new tires of excellent quality and good price,
Lider AutoGlass & Tires works with almost brands.

Nankang Tires
Nokia Tires
Milestar Tires
Goodyear Tires
BF Goodrich Tires
Michelin Tires



  • Broken Glass Replacement
    En Colorado es común que se rompa el vidrio del parabrisas por el clima y los excesos del uso del AC o la calefacción, yo tengo una Toyota Rav 4 y se me ha roto el vidrio 2 veces. El roto crece paulatinamente con el paso del tiempo. La primera vez que sucedió me paró un agente porque según él, el roto tapaba la visibilidad. De milagro no me puso ticket. Si no quieren un ticket les aconsejo que cambien sus vidrios.
    Steven Ian. - October 22, 2016
  • Broken Glass Replacement
    In Colorado it is very common for the windshield glass to crack due to excess use of AC or heating, I have a Toyota Rav 4 and I have had a broken windshield two times. Windshield cracks grow gradually. The first time I had a broken windshield, I was pulled over by a police officer and he stated that the crack in my windshield was big enough that obstructed visibility. I strongly advise people to get a new windshield once it starts cracking to avoid getting a ticket.
    Steven Ian. - October 22, 2016
  • AutoGlass and tires
    I recommend buying tires is an excellent deal to have the right tires for the snow. If you don’t have snow tires on your car, you may lose time and money because your car may stall.
    Katty Holmes - November 11, 2016
  • AutoGlass and tires
    Recomiendo las llantas de Lider Autoglass & Tires, es un excelente negocio tener las llantas apropiadas para la nieve. Si no las tiene, va a perder tiempo y dinero porque se puede atascar en la nieve. Aproveche el financiamiento de llantas nueve, usted puede acceder a llantas nuevas para nieve. No necesita tener un buen crédito y se puede aplicar con ITIN.  
    Guadalupe Herrera - November 11, 2016


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