What causes cracks in the windshield of cars
¿What causes cracks in the windshield of cars?
20 octubre, 2017

Windshield care tips during winter

Due to the intense cold during winter, it is important to take into account preventive measures, and to take care special attention to those parts of the car that are directly related with the safety of the passengers; that is the case of the windshield. That is why it is necessary to verify that the windshield is in perfect condition, since 30% of the structural resistance of the car depends on it, acting as an important driving sensor support, being also vital for the correct airbag functioning.

Lider AutoGlass & Tires has 10 years of experience, in the selling and installing windshields, knowing the importance of having the windshield in perfect conditions.

In the majority of vehicles, the airbag deploys upward and bounces off the windshield. A cracked or damaged windshield is not structurally strong enough to absorb this type of impact, so the passenger, may not receive proper protection from the airbag. It could also cause the entire windshield to break, allowing the passenger to eject from the vehicle.


Fundamental Advices

Taking into account the maintenance of the windshield, it is important to consider that unfreezing it with hot water or very hot air, can seriously damage it, producing its rupture, due to the dramatically temperature changes. It is recommended to use a plastic scrapper, or to spray the windshield with alcohol to eliminate the ice.

Also remember, that an impact in the windshield can crack it, intensifying the risk of breaking it completely due to the temperature changes; that is why the tiniest crack should be fixed immediately.

It is recommended to renovate the windshield wipers every 6 to 12 months. Having windshield wiper in poor conditions may cause damages such as scratches, decreasing visibility and increasing the risk of accidents.

It is also recommended not to fill the windshield washer reservoir just with water, since it can freeze when temperature is too low. It is important to put as well liquid glass cleaner.

As well as checking and maintaining the battery, the breaks and lights of the vehicle during winter, it is also important to take a good care of the windshield, since it is also directly related with the passengers’ safety.

In case you find any problem with your windshield, even a tiny crack, we recommend to come to our offices in 1677 W Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80223 so we can check and diagnose the damage, helping you to have a safe car during winter. Remember that we are experts in the selling and installing car Windows for all types and brands of vehicles.

Don´t take risks, it can affect yours and your family safety.

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