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Pros of snow tires
13 septiembre, 2017
What causes cracks in the windshield of cars
¿What causes cracks in the windshield of cars?
20 octubre, 2017

The importance of windshields for the vehicle’s safety.

The automobile industry has made big strides when it comes to safety systems. Driver’s assistive technologies such as lane detection, pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control systems have made driving safer than ever. Therefore, having cracked windshield can be easily overlooked.

However, all drivers should know that the windshield is a crucial component of the vehicle’s safety system.

It Keeps passengers safe.

Your car’s windshield is literally a shield that is designed to protect you and your vehicle’s passengers on the road. Consequently, windshield cracks, regardless of their size, can become a serious problem.

It ensures the proper functioning of the passenger’s side airbag

Most vehicles are equipped with passenger side airbags. This makes it even more necessary to have a strong and solid windshield. If your windshield has structural problems, it will not be able to withstand the passenger side airbag.


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